Got wrecked by my Facebook interview today. I should have figured why they’re one of the toughest tech companies to get into, especially for a non-entry level position.

I’ll give myself a day to be sad. Then I’m going to pick myself up. I’m going to study what I did wrong. I’ll learn more, get better at interviewing, get better at coding. I didn’t lose anything from this interview, I only failed to gain.

I’m going to use this learn. I’m going to use this to grow. I’m going to use this to be better.

Just let this be a note of motivation and determination for myself.


I’m working day and night studying and learning even after I’ve told you I’ve gone to bed. Taking CS classes, learning courses from Coursera, working on independent open-source projects, learning Python, and expanding my GitHub. 

And it’s starting to pay off. Getting flown out to my first technical interview next month! 

We’re almost there.